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Start here. Learn the basic facts about being HIV positive. Fin
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Many, many teens get AIDS. Learn more here.

d out who's at risk of getting the AIDS virus -- and how to prevent AIDS.
HIV Links
What is HIV
HIV causes AIDS. Find out how.
HIV / AIDS Facts
Start here if you're just beginning to learn about HIV and AIDS.

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If you just learned you have HIV, this is for you.
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AIDS in America
Lots of things about HIV and AIDS have changed. Some things haven't. Read about AIDS in the 21st century.DS Myths
Myths and misconceptions about HIV and AIDS abound. This web site can help.

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Learn about it. Practice it. This site can help.

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When you're HIV positive, here's whom to tell -- and how.
HIV Status
There's somebody you have to tell about your HIV status: Your sex partner. Find out why men rarely regret doing this.
AIDS Prevention
Did you know AIDS is easily prevented? Here's how.

Postexposure Prophylaxis
It's not a morning-after pill. But after a risky exposure, HIV drugs can prevent infection.
HIV in Children
Written for doctors, this is a highly technical overview of pediatric AIDS.

Related Web Site: How to Talk with Children about AIDS
Kids need age-appropriate HIV/AIDS information. Here's how it's done.

AIDS and Women
They're calling it "the feminization of AIDS." Find out why.

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About two thirds of people living with H
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The history of AIDS: This site has an illustrated timeline.

IV are in Africa. This site will tell you all about it.

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Hear NIH researchers tell about the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

HIV: What Raises Your Risk
Learn about the risk factors for getting HIV.
Men on the Down Low
AIDS prevention messages may miss men who have sex with men -- but who aren't gay.

Does HIV Cause AIDS?
A few people don't believe HIV causes AIDS. They are dangerously wrong. Here is why.

Are You At Risk?
Related Web Site: AIDS Risk
Here's where to find out if you're at risk of HIV infection.
The Elderly and AIDS
Anyone who's sexually active -- at any age -- can get HIV. Read this if you're an active senior.

Related Web Site: Pre Exposure Prophylaxis
The world needs an AIDS vaccine. But a vaginal microbicide -- something that kills or blocks HIV from entering a woman's body -- would be a huge advance. Learn more from this helpful web site.
Related Web Site: Vaccinations and HIV
There isn't a vaccine against HIV or AIDS. Click here to find out why -- and to find out what's being done.