1. Of the estimated 56,000 new HIV infections each year, more than 50 percent occur among African Americans.

  2. In 1998, African American women constituted 64 percent of new female AIDS cases, African American men accounted for 50 percent of new AIDS cases among men.

  3. AIDS is the number one cause of death for Black adults aged 25 to 44, before heart disease, cancer and homicide.

  4. One in 50 Black men is HIV-positive. One in 160 Black women is HIV-positive.

  5. Black senior citizens represent more than 50 percent of HIV cases among persons over age 55.

  6. Intravenous drug use is fueling the epidemic in Black communities.

  7. It accounts for 43 percent of infections among Black women and 38 percent among Black men. Many women contact HIV infection through sex with an injection drug user.

  8. In 1998, men of color who have sex with men represented 52 percent of total AIDS cases. By comparison, in 1989 men of color who have sex with men represented 31 percent of total AIDS cases.

  9. Although only 15 percent of the adolescent population in the United stated is Black, over 60 percent of AIDS cases reported in 1999 among 13-19 year olds were among Blacks.

  10. Black children represent almost two-thirds (62 percent) of all reported pediatric AIDS cases.

  11. AIDS is a global problem among Black people. The World Health Organization reveals that the disease is the number one leading cause of death in Africa.

  12. The United Nations estimated that two million Africans died of AIDS in 1998, accounting for 80 percent of the worldwide total of AIDS deaths.

  13. Nine out of ten children with HIV are in sub Saharan Africa. By the end of the year 2000, a cumulative total of 13 million children - the majority in Africa will have lost one of both parents to AIDS.
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